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Our Curriculum Principles

  1. High expectations for every child.
  2. Fewer topics in greater depth.
  3. Mastery for all pupils.
  4. Number sense and place value come first.
  5. Problem solving is central.
  6. Objects and pictures always before numbers and letters.
  7. Calculating with confidence in a range of contexts.
  8. Recalling times tables facts is fundamental.
  9. Showing a depth of understanding through mathematical reasoning.


We provide a ‘mastery‘ curriculum at Malin Bridge Primary School. This means that children in all year groups are taught key maths skills until they have a secure understanding of the concept. It embeds a deeper understanding of maths by utilising a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach so that pupils understand what they are doing rather than just learning to repeat routines (e.g. learning by rote) without grasping what is happening. Children are provided with multiple opportunities, throughout each unit, to apply these skills to a broad range of problem solving tasks. Mathematical reasoning skills are taught to ensure children know how to take logical and systematic approaches and can confidently explain their thinking.

In addition to taking a mastery approach, we use a context driven approach to promote a love and enjoyment of maths through engaging hooks, active learning and games. Look out for examples of this on your child’s class Instagram page.

As with other areas of the curriculum, assessment is continuous. Learning is pre-assessed before units are planned to ensure that it is tailored to the needs of each individual child. From the beginning of every lesson, teachers and teaching assistants will be assessing what pupils do and don’t understand, using this to scaffold each segment of the lesson. Interventions will be both planned for and ‘same-day’, meaning that misconceptions are dealt with immediately and higher attaining pupils are challenged appropriately.

Calculation Booklets

These Calculation Booklets are concise guides to how we teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at Malin Bridge Primary School. The guides also contain the language which we use for each topic to ensure consistency throughout school when teaching mathematical vocabulary.

Calculation Booklet : Addition
Calculation Booklet : Subtraction
Calculation Booklet : Multiplication
Calculation Booklet : Division
Calculation Booklet : Time
Calculation Booklet: Geometry
Agreed Language Document

times-tables-1.png (1093×753)

Please encourage your child to practise their times tables regularly. To help, you can download the above times table chart (jojo method) by clicking on it.

Children should be encouraged to use the following vocabulary interchangeably:


2x24.png (474×205)

Maths Games

Every child has a log in for Maths Shed (which is the same as their log in for Spelling Shed). Maths Shed is full of games which focus on the fluency and speed at which children can solve calculations. Each week the winner of the school Maths Shed league takes home a medal, which they are awarded in the school’s celebration assembly. Your child will be given log-in details by their class teacher but please contact the school office if they get lost and then go to the Maths Shed website to log in: EdShed

For all children:

Below is a selection of resources you can print and use at home.

Snap Cards : Times Tables
Snap Cards : Place Value
Posters : Maths Methods