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The School Council gives the pupils of Malin Bridge Primary School a voice. School councillors (one child from each class) are elected annually by their peers once they have written and presented their manifesto to their class. School Council meetings are then held every two weeks.

We believe that the School Council encourages pupils to understand and value the ideals of British values, democracy, and citizenship. Our School Council will have the opportunity this year to impact on lunchtimes, the school environment and develop their own personal development in leadership and independence.

Please see the news page for details of this year's councillors and the work that they are doing in school.

School Council 2023-2024

Key priorities for this year:

  • To ensure that school councillors have a presence around school and that their role and work is clear and understood by the other pupils.
  • To provide school councillors with opportunities to contribute to the school and wider local community and to share the impact of this with wider school community.
  • School leaders will undertake regular pupil interviews with school councillors and other pupils.
  • To develop links between Malin Bridge Primary School and a local charity.


Spring 1 Focus - How can we improve the school environment?

The school councillors asked their peers in class to consider how the school environment could best be improved. We recognised that whilst it is always exciting to think about installing giant slides from the top corridor and an Olympic size swimming pool, we only have a small budget and our ideas needed to be achievable and completed over a short time scale. 

The children generated lots of great ideas around making the environment smarter, more colourful by maybe adding in some plants, creating chillout zones and possibly areas for reading. The next step is to make these a realisation and we also hope to work with the Mrs Turner and the Green Team on some of these ideas in the Summer Term.

As a group we identified that we could immediately tidy up the school environment by litter picking the playgrounds and sweeping around the borders to smarten up the area. 

Autumn 2 focus - How to share positivity in the community?

Mr Hague, the Deputy Head, set the children a challenge of designing a Christmas card that could be printed and delivered to our neighbours around school. We looked at both traditional and modern card designs and then spent time drafting and editing our ideas until we created a final design. Fifteen copies of each school councillor's designs were then printed. A Christmas message was written in each card by the councillors, and these were then hand-delivered to the houses around school before Christmas.  

Autumn 1 focus - How can we create more things to do or play with at lunchtime? 

The councillors asked fellow classmates for ideas about play equipment and ideas for lunchtime games. As a school council we decided on age-appropriate equipment to purchase. Woking within within a budget, we asessed which play items we felt included the greatest number of children. Once purchased we decided how to share these between the the younger and older children across the playgrounds and how lunchtime supervisors could support the games and play. 

The new equipment has been very popular and having new basketball hoops for the older children and new cars and Lego for the younger children has definitely been the highlight! 

School Council 2022-2023

Last year, the school councillors played a key role in collecting ideas from their peers and working in collaboration with an external graphic designer to shape and design a key feature in the upper key stage 2 hall. The children were very excited about this, and we are thrilled with the end result.

Design feature

The councillors also created a series of podcasts for the school website to allow parents and pupils to learn more about what we do here at Malin Bridge. Please click on the link to listen to the podcasts:


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The following table shows the outline of the programme for the 2022-23 school year. .


Outline programme 2022-23