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We are proud of all of the children’s achievements, recognising that every child shines in their own individual ways. Whilst academic success in English and maths is something we celebrate, it is not the school’s sole focus and we value inspiring the children with a broad and balanced curriculum complimented by many extended learning opportunities. Whilst being numerate and literate is an important part of being ready for the next stage of education, we also value developing children’s characters and strive to make them outstanding members of society.

Over the past 10 years, cohorts of children at Malin Bridge have generally achieved above, or significantly above national averages in English and maths. This, along with ensuring each individual child reaches their own potential, is always our ambition. Each year different subjects or pupil groups may be stronger than others, we always study achievement information to inform how we can improve provision in individual subjects or for groups of pupils where performance has not been as strong.

Performance data for Malin Bridge Primary School can be found on the Department for Education website:

Compare school and college performance in England

The table below shows the results from the statutory assessments that took place in the 2022-2023 school year.

  • Foundation Stage children are assessed throughout their reception year to ensure continual development.
  • Year 1 children are tested on their phonics learning. Any children not reaching a specified level out of 40 points receives extra support and is retested when they are in Year 2.
  • Year 2 children are also assessed on their reading, writing and maths skills (key stage 1 SATS).
  • Year 4 children are assessed on their multiplication times table recall.
  • Finally, Year 6 children are assessed again on their reading, writing and maths together with additional grammar, punctuation and spelling assessment (key stage 2 SATS).



We are so proud of the results that our pupils have achieved, but we are prouder still of the excellent attitude to learning and efforts that they apply every day in their classrooms.