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We believe that having a uniform removes the distractions that come from children wearing different types of clothes, makes decisions about what to wear more straightforward for everyone and re-enforces the sense of purpose that every school needs. Please find below our uniform requirements.

We want to stress that being 'in school uniform' does not require clothing which includes a school logo, however it is available if you would like your child to wear it.

There are no seasonal uniform rules, but please ensure that children wear clothing suitable to the current climate.

You can find our uniform policy on our policies page.

Buying School Uniform

Our school uniform is now also available to purchase online directly from our suppliers: Logo Leisurewear. 

Size and price information (correct as of November 2022) can be found below.

Uniform price list - November 2022

Many supermarkets now offer high quality school uniform clothing too, which you may find more affordable.


There are no specific requirements surrounding bags. Logo Leisurewear offer a navy blue 'book bag' with the Malin Bridge logo embroidered on it. This bag fits the reading records and books that will be brought in daily, but any type of bag is fine. Please be mindful though that storage space at the coat pegs can be limited, so please consider this when buying. We occasionally have donations of book bags to the uniform recycling space on the ground floor of the junior building.


As part of the school curriculum, children in Year 3 are offered a block of swimming lessons with our Swim School. There are no specific requirements for swim attire other than that girls should ideally wear a 1 piece swimming costume and boys should wear swimming trunks/briefs. Board shorts should be avoided as these can interfere with movement.  Please ensure that swim attire is well fitting and not likely to ride up/down during movement in the water. Children can also wear swim shirt/rash guard for extra coverage if desired.  Long hair should be tied back on swimming days and jewellery left at home where possible.


We have no policy regarding hair other than asking that long hair be tied back on PE days and swimming days.

Uniform Recycling

Please note that we have a very well stocked collection of second hand uniform available free of charge in the junior building (right hand side of the building on the ground floor, near the disabled toilet).  Anybody is free to take items from these drawers at no cost. Parents can donate lightly used, pre loved items including nearly new book bags by bringing them to the office. Please check stock levels with the office before bringing uniform in.

Information on our clothing requirements for Malin Bridge Nursery is available on our nursery uniform page.