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What actually is Rainbow Talk?

If you have been following our Instagram posts, you may have heard about "Rainbow Talk" but what actually is Rainbow Talk?

Rainbow Talk is a fun, organised and creative way of encouraging talking, building confidence in communication and developing and promoting thinking skills—which are all at the very heart of young children’s learning.

Through the use of colour and image pointers, Rainbow Talk provides a  structure to support children as they develop their talk about objects, experiences and ideas—proving ‘hooks’ on which they can add new information. The ‘Rainbow fan’ (as shown above) comprises of the 5 senses plus feeling and thinking which can used in different combinations based on their suitability to the stimulus being used at that time. 

As well as supporting talk for effective and confident communication, Rainbow Talk is also an invaluable resource for vocabulary building, developing thinking skills, and promoting supporting and inspiring children to write.

Many thanks to Ann Dawson for the development of Rainbow talk and for its introduction here at Malin Bridge School.

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