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Ethos and Values

What is our vision for Malin Bridge Primary?

At Malin Bridge Primary, we have built our curriculum and everything we do around our values and vision, which are shown below.  We also have school standards which aim to provide clarity for all members of our school community on how they can ensure that Malin Bridge is the best school it can possibly be.


Celebrate diversity image

Malin Bridge children celebrate diversity; they understand that we are all unique and recognise our differences. We want to move beyond tolerance to celebration of these differences to unite us and create understanding, for both personal and community growth.


Enquire about the world image

Malin Bridge children enquire about the world, helping to inform them about the arts, belief systems, cultures, environments, history, languages, science and technology. Through growing understanding and making connections, Malin Bridge children will become informed critical thinkers.


Aspirational image

Malin Bridge children are aspirational; they use their knowledge and understanding of the world and its diverse populations to form their own aspirations and hopes for the future. Exposure creates possibilities and anything is possible for Malin Bridge children.