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Not another lost cardigan?!

Everyday, we find lots of lost uniform items left all around the school and yard. Children abandon their cardigans and coats at the drop of a very small hat! These items are regularly collected up and brought to lost property where they are searched for identifying information. We have a lovely lady in school who is equipped with a big list and whose job it is to process this school uniform and return it to the children's classroom for returning to the child. This is why it is so important to clearly mark all uniform items with your child's name. Unlabelled items are then sorted into clothing type and stored in the boxes in the lost property area of the junior building for collection by parents/carers.

Occasionally, it may happen that an item may be taken home by the wrong child but this is usually returned on recovery of the error. Item slefy on the classroom are usually stored in the child's drawer.

The above processes can take number of days to complete so please be patient. If you 

We know how much time, money and effort it can take to keep a child supplied with correct uniform so please feel to take from the Uniform Recycling Area next to the Lost Property Area. Unclaimed items from Lost Property, that still have a lot of life in them but are not named are moved into the Uniform Recycling Area at the end of a term. Parents can also donate lightly used uniform by bringing it to the office. All items are free of charge and can be borrowed, washed and returned or simply and taken (labelled) and used.

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