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  • Malin Bridge Primary retains its "Outstanding" Ofsted rating.

    Published 07/05/24

    Ofsted visited Malin Bridge in March 2024 and we were delighted that we were found to be providing "an outstanding education” in an environment that enables "all pupils to achieve well".

    You can read more from Ofsted's report here.


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  • New Arrivals at Malin Bridge

    Published 14/03/24

    Parking illegally near schools can be very dangerous which is why we jumped at the chance to get our hands on these brilliant signs from Sheffield City Council which serve as a friendly reminder for everybody to be considerate when dropping off and collecting children. 

     Please help us to keep our children safe by obeying the parking restrictions around school. Thank you.

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  • New IR Unit at Malin Bridge is Open.

    Published 27/02/24

    Our long anticipated IR unit, which has space for 20 children with SEND needs, opened its doors to its first learners yesterday. 

    "The Brook" features two bright and airy learning spaces and a sensory room along with a kitchen, toilet facilities and an office and it is hard to believe that such a lovely and welcoming environment has been created within the walls of the old shed and PE store. 

    Thank you to everybody who has helped bring this new resource for Sheffield children into being.

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  • The Puffer Fish Who Puffed the Wrong Puff.

    Published 19/02/24
    We are delighted to announce that our very own Miss Chandler has written and pulished a new book called The Puffer Fish Who Puffed the Wrong Puff. The story follows the adventures of a young puffer fish called Spike who, with the help of his friends,
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  • Not another lost cardigan?!

    Published 07/09/23

    Everyday, we find lots of lost uniform items left all around the school and yard. Children abandon their cardigans and coats at the drop of a very small hat! These items are regularly collected up and brought to lost property where they are searched for identifying information. We have a lovely lady in school who is equipped with a big list and whose job it is to process this school uniform and return it to the children's classroom for returning to the child. This is why it is so important to clearly mark all uniform items with your child's name. Unlabelled items are then sorted into clothing type and stored in the boxes in the lost property area of the junior building for collection by parents/carers.

    Occasionally, it may happen that an item may be taken home by the wrong child but this is usually returned on recovery of the error. Item slefy on the classroom are usually stored in the child's drawer.

    The above processes can take number of days to complete so please be patient. If you 

    We know how much time, money and effort it can take to keep a child supplied with correct uniform so please feel to take from the Uniform Recycling Area next to the Lost Property Area. Unclaimed items from Lost Property, that still have a lot of life in them but are not named are moved into the Uniform Recycling Area at the end of a term. Parents can also donate lightly used uniform by bringing it to the office. All items are free of charge and can be borrowed, washed and returned or simply and taken (labelled) and used.

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  • What actually is Rainbow Talk?

    Published 07/09/23
    If you have been following our Instagram posts, you may have heard about "Rainbow Talk" but what actually is Rainbow Talk? Rainbow Talk is a fun, organised and creative way of encouraging talking, building confidence in communicatio
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  • Congratulations to the new school councillors.

    Published 07/09/23





    Congratulations to our new 2023-2024 school councillors who were elected by their class peers earlier this term.

    It was straight onto business in their first council meeting last week, deciding on their key priority for this term: How to create more things to do or play at lunchtimes?

    Councillors asked their classmates for suggestions regarding equipment and games and decided, as a group, what equipment they could purchase according to their allocated budget. Their next step will be decide how to share these resources between the two primary school playgounds.

    Future projects will also involve getting involved in the local community and developing links with a local charity. Check back here for further updates.

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  • Integrated Resource - coming January 2024

    Published 07/09/23

    We are in the process of developing an Integrated Resource (IR) for children with Communication and Interaction as their primary need and who have an Education and Health Care Plan.

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  • Healthy Minds Champions Spreading Kindness

    Published 06/09/23

    When we launched a recruitment for some Healthy Minds champions we were overwhelmed by the response from the children and the enthusiasm that our champions have for their quest to spread kindness throughout Malin Bridge. With a "Kindness Charter" on display in every classroom, everybody is reminded of ways in which they can show kindness to other people and our environment every day. Our healthy minds champions show excellent examples of kind behaviour, notice and applaud kind behaviour in others and help other children.

    Examples of kind behaviour we see:

    • Using kind hands only
    • Taking turns
    • Listening to others and not interrupting 
    • Sharing
    • Putting equipment back neatly
    • Tidying up
    • Helping each other
    • Letting others join in games. 

    We're so proud or our champions - keep up the good work!

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  • 04/09/2023 - A message from our head teacher regarding the recent school closures due to lightweight concrete:

    Published 06/09/23

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    You may have seen recent media coverage regarding Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) and its use in educational settings. RAAC is a lightweight form of concrete; because it is weaker than regular concrete, concerns have been raised about its long-term durability. Department for Education (DfE) has recently changed its guidance to education settings on the management of RAAC to take a more precautionary approach and as a result areas in affected spaces will be vacated.

    We wanted to inform you that we are not affected by this decision as we do not have RAAC in any of our buildings and therefore they will continue to function as normal. We understand that parents may want to understand more about the support to educational settings to manage RAAC safely. You can read more through the article published by the DfE on the Education Hub.

    I hope that this offers reassurance.

    Yours faithfully,

    Robbie McGrath

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