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Malin Bridge Primary School was inspected by Ofsted on 26 and 27 March 2024. We were judged to be 'Outstanding', as we were in the previous inspection in October 2017.



The Ofsted inspectors picked up on the following key aspects of our school:

An outstanding education

“Pupils receive an outstanding education at Malin Bridge Primary School.” The inspectors note that our children are extremely proud of their school and our staff are aspirational for every child. All pupils achieve well at Malin Bridge.

Respectful relationships

Ofsted inspectors found that “pupils have high levels of respect for each other”. They understand - and live up to – high expectations for learning and behaviour. Expectations are equally high for all pupils - with and without special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). This creates the positive learning environment that enables all children to thrive at Malin Bridge.

Meticulously designed curriculum means that every lesson counts

Our curriculum was found to be “challenging and ambitious for all pupils”. It is carefully sequenced and includes links across subject areas to make the most of every learning opportunity. PE and art are examples of subjects where pupils master fundamental skills before developing more complex areas. Our teachers have “strong expertise in how pupils learn”, enabling them to adapt lessons and check learning to enable a deepening of knowledge over time.

Teaching our pupils to reading is a priority at Malin Bridge. Extra help is provided where necessary to help all children to have equal access to a “diverse range of texts, which develop their knowledge of other cultures and traditions.”

Well-designed personal development programme

Our personal development programme ensures that children at Malin Bridge learn inside and outside the classroom. A wide range of opportunities including chances to undertake leadership roles, the Malin Bridge curriculum for cycling and swimming and much, much more, helps our children to develop. Malin Bridge pupils have “an impressive understanding of equality” and “demonstrate mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.” As a result, Malin Bridge pupils are “exceptionally well prepared for life in modern Britain.”

What next?

We are all very proud of the pupils at Malin Bridge, and of all that we achieve together at school. We continue to work together to ensure that our children experience the very best education and opportunities during their young lives.

Parent View

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